About Pozland

Hello, my name is Chris

Thank you for visiting my photography website

Pozland Photography was established in 2002 in Saskatoon, Canada as a small studio, we quickly moved to a warehouse set within Saskatoon, soon-after moved locations to Calgary, Vancouver and now near the heart of Tokyo. We specialize in modeling, portfolio building, event and advertising imaging and have been published in three countries on two continents. We offer quality images that match your budget and style.

We have been servicing the Kanto region since 2011, helping both individuals and businesses present themselves in the best possible way.  Not only do we enjoy photographing people professionally but also enjoy it as a hobby during our days off.  We take the time with our clients to get the photos that you are happy with and treat everyone who comes into our studio as an individual, not ‘just another client to fill up the day.’  Because of this, we have a positive proven track record and help put people at ease from the moment they walk in to the time they leave.

Our secret is giving you the time to not only relax but prepare for your upcoming shoot.  If this means taking a few minutes to have a cup of tea, read a magazine or enjoy the view from our veranda then so be it.

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